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Woman to Woman Quote on Courage
This week’s Wise Woman Quote is from Anais Nin.  Courage is an often misunderstood attribute.  Many people feel it is the absence of fear, but it is actually acting in spite of the fear.  In our journey to be Wise Women, one of the tasks is to be with the unknown.  This is difficult unlearning, as most of us try and control our lives. And not only are we asked to be with the unknown, we are asked not to use our normal addictions and distractions to blot out the gnawing fear of the unknown.  We are asked to go within and be still.  Yikes!!! Just a little challenging!

What I have found in my journey is that fear can masquerade as many other things too.  Such as in my case confusion and overwhelm.  Whenever I am afraid, I start getting overwhelmed and confused, so that keeps me from taking action into the unknown.  It’s a good strategy for protection, but um, not so good long-term.

So what to do?  For me, the remedy is always to connect with my Higher Self, and remember this is not really about me.  Sigh – I hate when that happens! So once I manage tell my ego to go take a vacation,  I focus on the people I am here to serve, my intention in serving them, and remember that the Universe is going to make that happen and figure out all the details – I do not have to do it alone. Yes, I have to take action, but if I am in alignment with my intentions, then I will have significant help along the way.

Ahh yes, surrender.  Some days I can and some days I can’t.  How about you, and how do you get there?

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