The return of Chiron – the wounded healer

I am currently reading the fascinating book by Barbara Hand Clow called “Liquid Light of Sex – Kundalini, Astrology and the Key Life Transitions“. It has some very interesting ideas in it, and the one that is calling out to me right now is the Return of Chiron, which happens around 50 for most of us.

It’s kind of interesting what she talks about here, as my Chiron return is coming up in the next year, and the themes that are definitely coming up for me are integration of inner and outer. And that’s no surprise, according to Barbara, as Chiron is the link between the inner planets and the outer planets. The inner planets are Saturn (which rules formation), Jupiter (which rules expansion), Mars (which rules force), Earth (which rules grounding), Moon (rules emotions), Venus (rules attraction) and Mercury (rules mental activity).

Once we have our Uranus Opposition (mine was around 41), we start to feel a buildup of kundalini energy that helps our emotional purification. So that starts our Outer planet activity, which include Uranus (ruling activation of the healing mind), Neptune (ruling infusion of the spirit) and Pluto (ruling activation of all levels of awareness).

So in terms of Chiron, the activity is very variable for each person due to it’s erratic path in the sky, but it starts being felt around midlife (The Uranus Opposition), with squares and oppositions to it’s birth position, and finally with it’s Return to it’s birth position at around 50. And that is interesting seeing the average age of menopause (the time when you have not had a period in 1 year) is 51. Hmmm, so that means our last bleeding is around the time of Chiron, the wounded healer’s return? Barbara states that it is good to be especially aware during these periods as we will get insights into the area of wounding others and our own wounding.

And how hard this Return will be depends on how we have handled the other key life passages in our lives. The Chiron squares and oppositions are full of information for us, and we have the opportunities to heal at these times. Usually during these passages we will have major life events that either wound us, heal us, or result in us wounding others. We have the opportunity to heal and deepen spiritually by embracing our pain. So when we get the the mighty Chiron Return around 50, all these other Chiron transits are activated at once so we can finally clear the the decks of our pain and the pain we have caused others. Ouch! No wonder menopause gets so sucky sometimes. And I suppose our hormones are there to just make sure we get the messages this time :-) .

So as we head into the winter months, this is always a good time to look within and review. Let’s take an inventory of our most traumatic events in our lives, meditate on them and ask for guidance and insight.

Next week on Thursday at 5pm PT/8pm ET, I will be leading a free preview call for our exciting new Queen’s Salon Series, a monthly call series on the 2nd Thursday of every month, and I will continue this discussion and lead a few journaling exercises regarding these transits. Bring your journals to the call – and if you can’t make the call sign up anyway, and I’ll make sure you get access to the recording! It’s very important to do the work during the times that are astrologically supportive, as the power of insight is high in our forties, and therefore our opportunities for healing are high too!

4 Responses to The return of Chiron – the wounded healer

  • Susan Pitiger says:

    Am now 62 and Chiron return time for me was one of stepping into a true love relationship, which continues to allow for my deep healing. Thanks!

  • Ann Melanson says:

    Karen, thank you so much for including this awesome subject in your Wise Women Rule calls. I started reading Chiron Return about a year ago and conintue to go back to reference it. I am turning 50 in July, experiencing a round of inner and outer forces that without the Rainbow Bridge, could very well have easily been cast off as “another phase”. :) I look very much forward to healing myself as well as healing the pain I have caused others. Whoa….yes, I look so very much forward to being on the call this evening!
    Angel hugs and blessings,

    • Karen says:

      Thanks for writing Ann. That is one of the things we looked at on the call today – that often the ways that we have wounded others remains unconscious until this time of life. So you’re ahead of the game if you’re already looking at that.

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