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Are you a woman in Midlife, Peri-menopause or Menopause Madness?

According to our culture, you’re supposed to fade away quietly and live a smaller and more invisible life now that you’ve reached a certain age. But the problem is that there’s a voice inside of you that says “NO WAY…I’M JUST GETTING STARTED!”

They tell us that menopause is a bunch of physical symptoms we should take a pill for so that we can ‘fix’ what is wrong with us. The sad truth is, that as a culture we’ve become so divorced from our bodies that many of us have bought into that theory.

I believe that for most women, we are called to a Heroine’s Journey sometime in midlife, peri-menopause or menopause. For those of us that answer the call, there are roughly 3 stages:

  • The Descent into the Underworld (the Unconscious).
    This is where you start accessing the parts of yourself that you have repressed and denied.
  • The Initiation.
    This is where you are faced with challenges where you learn who you truly are and find alignment with your Soul.
  • The Return.
    During this stage you return to the world bearing your jewels and gifts. You are invited at this stage to step up and serve others with your wisdom.

You are so ready to say YES to a JUICY mid-life passage!

You and I could be a perfect fit if:

  • You are tired of living life according to other people’s needs and dreams.
  • You feel invisible and not heard.
  • You’re feeling crazy with the ups and downs of peri-menopause.
  • You wonder how your life got to feel so dry, empty or unsatisfying.

That’s perfect! You’re in the right place. You see by now your Soul has probably started shouting! And the good news is that when you start listening….ahhhh….that’s priceless! That’s where the music and dancing starts. That’s when you start skipping down the street full of juicy joy and vibrant, sexy life force energy. I am here to tell you YES…it IS possible! Don’t let anyone tell you it isn’t!

You’ll make my heart go ring-a-ding-ding if:

  • You long to recapture the playful, fun part of yourself that is excited about life.
  • You sense that there is a creative soul inside of you screaming to get out.
  • You’ve been around the block {once or many times…whose counting?}, and are ready to step up and be a Wealthy Wise Woman.
  • You’re ready to stop hiding your light and take on your power.
  • You’re tired of being a good girl.
  • You’re ready to break some rules (yee-haw!).

I’ve lived in the desert of dryness…

Hi there, my name is Karen. And I’ve been in your shoes. I did all the things I thought I was supposed to do. I started a career in technology, got married, made lots of money…all good, right? Trouble is, I was miserable. It all felt really dry and well, not me. But somehow it was hard to change direction.

So the Universe took control.
And so started my Heroine’s Journey back to myself. The next eight years had many, many challenges including starting and closing two businesses, being sued, getting divorced, having 2 miscarriages, losing my house and declaring bankruptcy. And then I started peri-menopause! Needless to say, I was pissed by that time! But it was during the hormonal rollercoaster that I really awakened to what I had left behind of myself. And it was the emotional swings that had all the clues for me. So finally…I started listening to my Soul’s whisperings. You can read more about my journey here.

The longing to connect with my Soul Purpose really started screaming…but somehow it was not so easy

We do not have many role models of really stepping up as Wise Women on our planet in a bigger way. We’ve lost the role of Wise Women in our culture, and it is only recently that a number of things have fallen into place to make that possible.

Two big things have happened to completely change the landscape.

The first big change that helps women be in control of their destiny is the Internet. This is our ticket to freedom. It allows us to connect with whomever we want, whenever we want. In the past, to reach a lot of people we had to go through gatekeepers in the media who didn’t always understand women’s issues. Now we can build our own audiences while supporting others all around the world…all on a shoestring budget with a flexible schedule…while in our slippers!

The second change is in the skies, and was birthed with the recent Venus Transit in June 2012. This very important transit is being called the Birth of the Solar Feminine. So far in this world, as women we have had 2 choices…one is to act in a more masculine way, denying our feminine gifts of being spirit-guided, intuitive, introspective, emotional….or we could embody the Lunar Feminine archetype, which is very Yin, receptive, nurturing and supportive, but not easily able to have a big impact.

The Solar Feminine integrates Lunar and Solar qualities. She is:

  • Not afraid to say what she thinks
  • Not afraid to take up space
  • Not spending all her energy trying to please everyone
  • Getting shit done
  • Not afraid to shine brightly, and yes, maybe brighter than others
  • Able to use her anger productively
  • Magnetic, inspiring and powerful
  • Playful and vibrant
  • and mostly…SHE IS ABUNDANCE manifested

And the best news is…
If you’re in midlife, and in particular menopause…you’re primed to receive this upgrade in energy – this IS YOUR TIME!!! Now it may come in the form of tantrums, difficult relationships, restlessness, insomnia, hot flashes…but know that this is all part of a most beautiful and miraculous transformation…

This is the new millenium…WE get to make this happen…If not now…when?

I have spent years piecing together the compass for you to mine this precious time for the jewels to your crown. HERE ARE SOME WAYS I CAN SUPPORT YOU ON THAT JOURNEY:

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